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Applying Technology in Public Services

Information Technology is the significant key driver for any economy. Efficiency, effectiveness, sustainability, and citizen-centric services are the obligations that governments need to fulfill using technology. While the “what “is known, ERPDIRECT provides the perfect “How”.

ERPDIRECT is very closely associated with the e-Governance sector in India. Our innovative e-governance solutions has helped the government sector to streamline processes, optimize resources, cut costs, and provide high-quality services to citizens.

At ERPDIRECT our ultimate mission is to fill the digital divide. Every citizen of the nation should get maximum facilities offered by government through technology. Our technology-enabled approaches help governments overcome monumental developmental challenges and provide transparency and seamless integration across various functions and departments. For the citizens we offer the convenience, by digitalizing processes and bringing facilities at their doorstep in the following functions:

  • Tax Collection
  • Electricity Bill Payment Collection
  • Water Bill Payment Collection
  • Utility Bill Payments and Collection
Tax Collection

ERPDIRECT tax collection solution offers respite from the traditional tedious manual collection method deployed by government bodies. The traditional method grapples with the problem of low efficiency and low productivity of resource, misappropriation of cash and scope for frauds.

ERPDIRECT’s solution is a contemporary solution based on GSM/GPRS technology. The solution offers two-way data transfer and is capable of issuing tax receipts to citizens, collecting payments and issuing receipts to payee. Moreover the system maintains entire transaction history and reports for every citizen.

This solution can be used for

  • Property Tax
  • Water Tax
  • Advertisement Fee
  • Trade Licenses
  • Estate Rentals
  • Parking Fee
  • Identity Management using Biometrics
Electric Billing/Utility Billing

ERPDIRECT’s electric billing and utility billing solution injects accuracy in the utilities industry with its accurate , robust and secure epos solution. Our solution uses contemporary energy meters that ensure precision in reading and generating bills.

The entire billing process can be executed in the following simple steps:

  • Bill Generation
  • Payment Collection
  • Receipt Printing
  • Post Receipts to Server on the Spot