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GPS Based Tracking Solutions (TPDirect)

ERPDIRECT uses contemporary technologies like RFID and GPS Tracking , to develop advanced Fleet Management Information Systems that can assist the transport managers to monitor, control and administer the transport operations. We build seamless interconnected solutions customized to your specific business and fleet needs such as monitoring your Salesforce, School Bus tracking, Employee tracking, Field-Force tracking etc. Our solutions can be effectively utilized for e-Governance too especially in areas of Waster Management and Garbage Pick-ups. We have successfully deployed this solution for the Telanagna Government.

With GPS tracking and specialized databases, specific fleet operations can be developed to tighten operational and security controls by streamlining and integrating different IT systems. With GPS connectivity embedded in everything and everywhere, your fleet managers and their data can deliver crucial inputs to your supply chain ecosystem. Our fleet management system can drive efficiency in the system by monitoring your assets, drivers and routes they use. You can optimize your human capital and vehicle utilization, eliminate paperwork, automate administrative processes and allow drivers to focus on their core responsibilities.

With integrated connectivity of the RFID-enabled environment you can also control fuel costs, manage idle time, restrict violations and adhere to regulatory compilations. Figure below shows a physical representation of the Fleet Management System that we can deliver.

Asset Tracking

ERPDIRECT Asset tracking solutions proves to be a true asset for your company with its rich-features and state-of-the art- technology. The solution based on RFID technology manages your assets from the beginning to the end of their lifecycle in your company. Be it office furniture, servers, computer parts and peripherals, vehicles, electrical goods, or heavy stationary items you can easily track and account for each of your investment with our easy-to-use asset tracking system.

The application uses novel interfaces that make transfer of data and reporting quick and intuitive. The application supports bar code readers, RFID readers, and GPS devices too. Moreover the application can be easily integrated with different modules such as procurement, financial reporting, or operation systems. A robust and scalable system it can be easily scaled up to manage an organization’s increasing needs.


  • GPS Based Tracking
  • Tracking over the complete movement of the Asset
  • Tracking for the entire lifecycle of the Asset
Fleet Management

Maintain the most enviable fleet management system with ERPDIRECT’s Advanced Fleet Management Solution. A forward looking, GPS Enabled Tracking system that equips you with information on the go, of your entire fleet.

Our fleet management product is equipped with the best tools and insights that you need to successfully manage your fleet and improve its efficiency. Ideal for all enterprises be it small or large, our fleet management system delivers the best performance in tracking, scheduling and reporting your fleet. Moreover it can be easily plugged with your existing ERP to help you take an accurate stock of things make corrections and optimize vehicle utilization.


  • Real Time Tracking of Consignment
  • Arrival/Departure Alerts
  • Trip Scheduling
  • Routing
  • Route Violations
Some of the Unique Feature Offered by our System are:
  • Optimal Vehicle utilization
  • Load/Trip Consolidation
  • Automated Trip Scheduler
  • SMS Email Alerts for Renewal Reminders Route Optimization
  • PS/GPRS Enabled Tracking, Information on Internet
  • Mobile SMS and Email Cost break setup
  • Ability to Integrate with Accounting ERP for Cost to Service Visibility Automated Reporting
  • User Friendly, Customized reports
  • SaaS Model